WEN – one small step for an industry, one giant leap for women

WEN a business networking group for Women in the Energy industry. Promoting independence, empowerment and boosting self-confidence to help women achieve their potential.

Okay, we’re not quite there yet, but the Women’s Energy Network are taking some really positive steps to raise the profile of leading women in the energy industry.

Without a doubt, the offshore industry is male dominated … statistics evidence that 96.3% of offshore workers are men and it’s a safe bet to say that this probably isn’t surprising to many.

Why is this?

There are several reasons for the energy industry not appearing to be attractive to females … a lack of knowledge and guidance given regarding roles available offshore, a lack of knowledge of the industry and the perception that the industry can be harsh, lonely and male dominated thus putting women off.

Do we think this is a fair synopsis?

No!  The energy industry is a fantastic environment to work within and as such, we will be working hard to raise the profile of not only the industry but specifically to provide a support mechanism where women can be empowered and developed.

What is WEN?

The Women’s Energy Network (WEN) is a business networking group for Women in the energy industry in the East of Anglia.

Why was WEN created?

Emma Bishop has been a Senior Manager in the energy industry for over 8 years.  Emma is not alone in saying that the industry has many opportunities for development and growth for both males and females.

The East of England Energy Group have provided WEN with some interesting statistics based on their memberships. Just 19% of members are female, with 1% representing women at director level. Statistics such as these, provide WEN with a real ambition to increase these percentages offering support, advice and mentoring.

As it was identified that there were few women leaders in the East of England, the Women’s Energy Network was created to support, nurture and develop females in the energy industry.

Emma says “a key part of the group’s charter is to educate individuals in what a fantastic industry energy is …. We want to create awareness, offer support, develop females in leadership and technical skills and to share best practice”

How will WEN support leading women?

WEN will provide:

1) Networking opportunities for local women in Energy industry giving them the opportunity to share best practice, education and experience;
2) Motivational support structures and activities;
3) Profile raising and awareness of  Women Leaders in the local Energy Industry;
4) Support for the advancement and development of females in the industry in leadership and technical skills and encouragement for females into the industry

The future …..

With the focus and commitment of the members of WEN, the group believes they will make a real positive contribution to the East of England energy industry with regards to supporting women and to raise awareness.

Want to get involved?

We’d love to hear from you if you would like to get involved!  We are always seeking guest speakers … those who would like to share their experiences and knowledge with us … male and females welcome!

Want to be a involved?

Join WEN by going to the Contact US tab and show your support & commitment by following us on Twitter @womeninenergyuk on Linkedin & Facebook