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Approaching the steps of the Gin Palace in Norwich to attend my first WEN network meeting earlier this year was a little nerve wracking – I was a tad apprehensive.

Professional women and men working in the energy sector welcomed me with open arms. I thought as a fashion stylist I would stick out like a sore thumb, how wrong could one be.

A new networking group in East Anglia that promotes independence, empowerment, confidence and helps to achieve ones potential. As an independent business woman based in Norwich, my values & goals are exactly the same.

This got my creative brain thinking! Inspiring men & women to dress & style themselves according to their sector, lifestyle and personalities.

Even in a male dominated sector WEN strives for women to achieve their goals, spreading awareness, offering guidance and assistance.

To help with confidence, WEN asked me if I would write a blog. What better way to support WEN than sharing my expertise.

 Keys to Styling with Confidence.

It’s time for a little lesson in styling confidence. The first step in coming into your own look is having the right mindset and understanding some important tenets of creating an image. And because acronyms are pretty easy to remember, we are going to use the word “FASHION” as a basis to explore some key ideas in style-ology.

“F” is for Fun. (Fun: A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.”)

The number one thing to remember about styling is that it should not be a pain. If getting dressed every morning feels like pulling teeth, you’re doing it wrong. Relax and enjoy what you’ve got to work with. Styling resources are excellent ways to facilitate an enjoyable experience.

“A” is for Artistic. (Artistic: Showing imagination and skill.”)

Your style is the most visible mode of self-expression. It is an art-form. Fashion has been a form of art since the beginning of time. Throughout history, men and women have used clothing as a form of protest and exhibition. The styles of the decades are some of the greatest, most tangible examples of societal progression and cultural phenomena of each era. Take pride in what you wear and what it says about you, and take advantage of the steps that have been taken throughout history so that you might be able to wear what you want to.

“S” is for Sexy. (Sexy: Interesting, exciting, or trendy.”)

Let’s remember that “sexy” and “scandalous” are two very different things. True sexiness emerges from a self-confidence portrayed in our clothing choices combined with the way you carry yourself. Your style should reflect your inner bombshell. What you wear should make you feel good about yourself. If you’re not feeling keen about what you’re wearing, it’s time to switch it up. Style is empowering.

“H” is for Habitual. (Habitual: Done or experienced regularly or repeatedly.”)

 Practice makes perfect. Not only with styling choices, but with the way you think about yourself. Make a habit of giving yourself credit for being you and loving it. Confidence is the best accessory, so work it.

“I” is for Incognito. (Incognito: With ones identity disguised or concealed.Also, fun to say.)

 Don’t be misled! Styling yourself is not about hiding your identity. However, playing with clothing and outfit choices is a way to bring out different characters in your life. If you are feeling something, wear it.

“O” is for Organic. (Organic: Constitutional in the structure of something, especially your physical makeup.Also, “Natural.”)

The basis of our wardrobing choices should come naturally… And if they don’t, stop thinking so much! Your day-to-day wear should reflect what feels best. For some, it’s all about comfort. For others, standing out is a priority. But be yourself, first and foremost.

“N” is for Novel. (Novel: Strikingly new, unusual, or different.”)

Last, but certainly not least, take the time to try new things. Mix up the pieces you have in different ways. When you’re out shopping, play dress-up. And don’t take yourself so seriously. Enjoy your freedom, and try on things that you would never normally wear.

Finding your own sense of style can be a challenge, but if you rise to the occasion and enjoy the process, you will learn that you are your greatest style inspiration.


Here’s a little bit more about me!

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My name is Louise Lace and I’m a fashion stylist and personal shopper from the cathedral city of Norwich. I work with a wide range of clients from across East Anglia, the United Kingdom and beyond.

As an experienced fashion stylist my desire is to help clients find their signature style that best reflects their true identity. I believe there are rules when it comes to style but together we can make them your own.

What works for you when it comes to style, is an essential part of feeling amazing in the clothes you wear. Fashion trends come and go but great styling is timeless. I’ll work with you to develop a style that celebrates your unique body and beautiful personality.

Here’s a full list of the services I provide:

  • Styling Day
  • Wardrobe Revamp
  • Personal Shopping
  • Online Styling
  • Editorial Photographic Styling
  • Catwalk Styling

It’s a beautiful experience to feel truly great about what you wear. You’re happier, your thoughts are more positive and confidence sweeps through your day’s activities.

My particular focus is helping women over 30 develop styles that make them feel younger, trendy and altogether more in touch with their personalities. Conventional I’m certainly not. I believe fashions are there to be admired but ultimately to be modified into styles which best suit you as an individual.

Wardrobe Revamp
Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits week in and week out?

You have a feeling there are some great clothing combinations to be found in your wardrobe but somehow they elude you.

It’s a common problem and that’s why a fresh pair of expert eyes can work wonders.

Elimination and renewal

I’ll come to your home and work with you to discover as many brand new outfits you can wear using the clothes you already have. We’ll discard the unflattering, eliminate the drab and highlight the pieces which can be reborn.

At the end of our session you’ll have multiple variations of new exciting outfits that celebrate and accentuate your body and personality.

If you love it, wear it

Tired of being told you can’t wear this or that because of your body shape? So am I! That’s why I’ll also teach you some great ways you can modify and overcome prevalent fashion no-nos.

It’s my aim to help you develop your own individual style that suits you and no one else. When I leave, you’ll be inspired, excited and full of ideas on how to add to your collection to make your wardrobe complete.

Personalised wardrobe experience

Just before the wardrobe session I’ll spend some time getting to know you. Your personality, lifestyle and body type will be explored so I can get an accurate insight into creating styles that best suit you.

You might be surprised just how many items of clothing in your wardrobe can be combined with other pieces to create dozens of great new outfits. Even if you think your wardrobe is small.

Throughout the wardrobe session I’ll take digital photos of the new outfits I create so you’ll have them on record. We’ll also make new clothing combinations for a variety of different occasions including work, gym, evening, and weekend. After the wardrobe rejuvenation I will email your own personalised digital ‘Style Guide” your own look book, recommendations, style tips & trend forecasts.

Once this has been achieved I’ll then advise you on where to shop for new additions that’ll compliment your new individual style.

Alternatively, you can go shopping with me by taking advantage of my shopping day service.

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Styling with confidence is at your fingertips.

You can find me over on: